AS9100. The cultural revolution helping ROSCOMAC redefine processes and open up new markets.

A culture for quality.


ROSCOMAC, the precision CNC machining and engineering group based in Worthing, UK is proud to announce the achievement of AS9100 (BS EN 9100) quality management standard for the aerospace sector.

In an industry where quality control is a central requirement, ROSCOMAC’s success has been shaped with 12 months of intense procedural, process and cultural change. Aerospace Standards are based on ISO 9001 and developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). They address international consistency and specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements demanded by aerospace. They also cover the complete spectrum of organizations working within the aerospace sector, from design and manufacture to maintenance organizations and stockist distributors. As such, AS 9100 (BS EN 9100) is used and supported by all leading aerospace companies and without it there can be no engagement on major projects and programmes. From ROSCOMAC’s standpoint, this achievement has unlocked new and previously untapped markets.

Joe Martello, Rocomac’s Managing Director commented, “AS9100 has completely transformed our business from top to bottom. It sets the agenda. It gives us a progressive plan for continuous improvement. But the really great thing is that we’re all in it together! Quality culture is an attitude and set of values, and we’re all fully committed to that!”

Inside ROSCOMAC, Head of Quality Mike Andrews is the day-to-day champion. He fully understands that quality processes have to be understood, meaningful and valued. The results must be obvious to everyone in the business and communication plays a central role in this. “From where I stand, using AS9100 means there is no such thing as failure, so it’s my job to get everyone to believe that. When things go wrong the process encourages us to course correct; to learn, adapt and improve, and that’s been massive for our internal culture.”

With some recent forays into the Aerospace industry the benefits of the accreditation are clear. “ROSCOMAC are precision manufacturing engineers – pure and simple! Customer experience, end-product quality and consistency drive us. And now, this fantastic achievement means, as CEO, I can promote our capabilities in an industry that we have the capability to build strong relationships in!” Martello is convinced.

Today, ROSCOMAC is living and breathing the new standard. Everyone in the company shares the same goals and ideals; to do the very best they possibly can for the good of the company, it’s customers and new markets. ENDS.