We are precision manufacturing engineers – pure and simple! Customer experience, end-product quality and consistency are what drive us

Your Needs

What do you want to achieve with ROSCOMAC?

Make my problem go away!

The ‘blank sheet of paper’ scenario, where anything is possible! It might be that you simply can’t make the component with what you’ve got. Or you just haven’t got the schedule space or the approvals demanded by your client. Whatever it is, we can make the difficult situations disappear and get you back on track with a complete DTM to Supply Chain Management offer.

Help me meet my increased volume opportunities

“Even running 24/7, there’s no way I can meet those throughput commitments”. Well we can and do for a number of our customers. When the volume question is on the table, never let that be a reason to say ‘’NO’’!

Spread my manufacturing risk

Sometimes it makes good business sense to share the load and spread complex projects between key component manufacturers. Other times its smart to have a Disaster Recovery Plan. ROSCOMAC is an RSP. A Risk Sharing Partner, comfortable taking full responsibility and to be included as part of that decision process.

Consolidate my product portfolio

ROSCOMAC have the expertise to advise customers about consolidation and rationalisation of product portfolios – helping key partners achieve more from less and adding significant business and process improvements into the bargain. Do I make my own or buy in? Should I develop new products when I already manufacture something very similar? How can R&D help me reduce my stock levels?

Fit my geography

Location, location, location! Logistics are a key part of the preferred supplier profile. ROSCOMAC’s UK facility directly influences the procurement behaviours of our key accounts and our adjacencies – the opportunities that make us change, flex and develop.

Meet my technology needs

It’s an undeniable truth. ROSCOMAC’s technical capability and machining resource is a key differentiator and, to be honest, our real passion. What’s new? What’s the next big thing – the technological leap that puts us ahead of the rest? This quest to have and understand the very latest manufacturing process means that we meet and often surpass the technical requirements our clients place at our door. Take a quick look at our inventory or download the full machine specification portfolio.

Give me confidence in my supply chain

A RSP thrives on always being in the spotlight – on their performance being under the intense scrutiny of programs like Aircraft Supply Chain Transformation. Those pressured environments shape the service we offer all our customers and provide them with the confidence to include ROSCOMAC in their Tier One supply chain.

Give me value for money

Here’s where the ‘family values’ really come to the fore, because we operate our business with one absolute maxim – “if it was our money, how would we best spend it?” This means it’s not unusual to see any member of our Business team with their sleeves rolled up, getting into the machines or up to their necks on the lines when something isn’t going the way it might, or to the level that they’d expect. So value for money is an absolute – because it means as much, if not more, to us!

Our Offer

We match the optimal manufacturing processes and technology with the end product


with unrivalled industry knowledge, intimate technical selling expertise, final product buffering guarantees consistency of customer experience



from a single and integrated customer support source at our strategic manufacturing facility


total transparency and commitment to current and future technology on behalf of  our customers



with easy access to the right plant and the right skills from prototyping through to end product compatibility

Our Process

In a word – consistency! In communication, specification, estimating, responsiveness and agility


With its increased speed, enhanced rigidity and sustained precision, our MAM72-35V is the machine for all seasons. It’s 5-axis production has the capability of machining a vast spectrum of materials – including hardened steels, titanium, casts & aluminium. A 32 pallet offers ultimate efficiently.


Combining six horizontal milling machines in one totally flexible manufacturing system and featuring multiple job loading which eliminates set up time – up to 100 jobs and ‘lights out’ no- operator machining. Including three loading stations for rapid loading.

Horizontal Machining Centres

Providing unsurpassed performance, productivity and reliability, we deliver increased cutting performance thanks to high-rigidity bed and column. The increased number of available spindle specifications provides efficient machining for a wide variety of workpiece material. The longer Y-axis stroke and larger maximum tool diameter mean increased productivity.

Sliding Head turning

For fast and cost-effective bar-working up to 32mm diameter, suitable for milling and turning. Our highly flexible and efficient sliding head automatic lathes combine high quality standards with profitable manufacturing.

Turning – multi-axis lathes

Citizen Miyano BNE51 MSY, Reduced cycle times by 4 times, reduced costs and improved quality.

The BNE series is renowned for its high rigidity, heavy cutting capability and outstanding precision. Faster cycle times, outstanding easy-of-use and the ability to machine complex work pieces is the result.


Utilising the latest metrology equipment, including CMMs & optical scanners, operators check critical part features in process. SPC software is then used to identify the process adjustments to optimise the machining process.


High-performance universal, cylindrical, camshaft, CNC grinding and crankshaft grinding machines. Originally designed for high-production automotive manufacturing, our grinders excel in more demanding applications.

Vertical Machining Centres

Bringing instant and positive results through unrivalled technology and investment. Coupled with our unswerving commitment, Vertical Machining will improve our customers’ productivity and business performance.


Including milling, turning, broaching, jig boring, special purpose M/Cs and balancing, manually performed by an Operator for one-off specialist requirements.