Overall, response times, communications and pro-active approach at Roscomac greatly reduces the amount of time KG need to put into supply administration. Roscomac’s order status awareness and information integrity concerning KG’s loaded work is at very high level. Roscomac are part of the KG supplier gold progamme and have to achieve and maintain the highest level of service in regards to quality and on time delivery. A very strong working relationship between KG and Roscomac staff exists.
I am exceptionally happy with the sub contractor services supplied by Roscomac. Their substantial and diverse CNC facilities combined with exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced staff give my company the ability to excel. Delivery targets are consistently met, the open and regular communication between our two teams pushes projects along at a rate few other companies could match. Our relationship with Roscomac is viewed as long term, we feel lucky to have such a great supplier on our doorstep.
CI has over the years enjoyed a beneficial relationship with Roscomac both as a customer and supplier. Together we have worked on a number of prestigious projects with our mutual customers some of which are global blue chip companies. The demanding expectations CI expects from our suppliers have been met by Roscomac and where there may have been differences in interpretation we have worked together to resolve problems. We value Roscomac as a customer and supplier and would recommend their services.
My business chooses to use Roscomac for our high quality and precision machined components. As a supplier they are great at evaluating their performance gaps, using continuous improvement tools and techniques to really understand a problem and it’s causes before implementing robust corrective actions that deliver sustained improvements. We have seen a high level of quality, delivery and lead time reduction from applying this type of methodology and as with all the companies that do well with continuous improvements this is down to the outstanding leadership and direction from the senior management team at Roscomac. I would like to thank Roscomac for the hard work and support given to my business during a period of growth and look forward to continuing working together in the future.